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As a regulator, OFFA has a responsibility to ensure that universities and colleges are meeting their commitments to individual students and are making progress towards the milestones and targets set out in their access agreements. We do this by monitoring access agreements on an annual basis.

Monitoring for 2012-13

If you had an access agreement in 2011-12 and/or 2012-13, you were required to submit your 2012-13 monitoring return by noon on 14 January 2014. We are now processing these returns and will publish the outcomes of this in early summer on our publications page. If you’d like to be notified when this is published, please join the offa-press mailing list

Monitoring for 2011-12

Our most recent monitoring data is in our 2011-12 monitoring outcomes report. This shows the proportions of fee income spent on bursaries and scholarships for lower income students, the amount spent on outreach, and the proportion of students receiving a bursary at each institution. We have also published each higher education institution’s own assessment of its progress against the individual milestones and targets it set itself in its 2011-12 access agreement together with its explanatory commentary.

See institutions’ self-assessments and commentaries and our guide to interpreting the self-assessments and commentaries.

Monitoring for school-centred initial teacher training providers

We requested monitoring returns from all school-centred initial teacher training providers and other non-HEI providers of initial teacher training that had an access agreement in 2009-10, 2010-11 and/or 2011-12. We are currently collating the outcomes of this monitoring, which we will publish in due course.