Understanding the impact of OFFA’s approach to using evidence to promote effective practice in access and participation


This project will evaluate how far the activities of OFFA’s Evidence and Effective Practice function have successfully met the aims of the OFFA Evidence Strategy

Why do we need to do this?

It will help us understand how and why OFFA’s approach and activities affect different key stakeholders, to help us improve what we do.

What has happened so far?

We issued an invitation to tender in early September 2017 and, at the end of the same month, appointed Nursaw Associates to carry out this work.

Since then Nursaw Associates have:

What is happening now?

Nursaw Associates are now developing a report for publication in early 2018, which we will use to inform future practice.

Want more information?

Contact Beth Isaac, Evidence and Effective Practice Manager (0117 931 7482, beth.isaac@offa.org.uk)