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Minimum bursary

What is the minimum bursary?

Before 2012-13, English universities and colleges that charged higher tuition fees were required to give a minimum level of bursary to England domiciled students who were eligible for full state support. 

Since the 2012-13 academic year there has no longer been a requirement to provide a minimum bursary to new entrants. However, you must still provide it to continuing students who entered before 2012.  

How much is the minimum bursary for continuing students?

For students who entered in 2010-11 or 2011-12, the minimum bursary requirement is 10 per cent of the maximum tuition fee.

For students who entered before 2010-11, the minimum bursary must make up the difference between the maximum Maintenance Grant and the fee charged.

For more information, see the guidance note we issued to institutions on 23 July 2009, Changes to the minimum bursary, inflationary increases and updating access agreements for 2010-11 (HEIs and FECs).

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