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Social work students

Should I include social work students in our access agreement? What fees am I allowed to charge them?

Undergraduate social work degrees studied full-time (and, since 2012-13, part-time) are covered by the legislation that introduced tuition fees. Therefore you may charge up to your agreed fee limit for such courses and the students on them should be included in your access agreement.

How does the Department of Health social work bursary affect eligibility for other financial support?

Social work undergraduate students (full-time and, from 2012-13, part-time) receive non-means tested bursaries from the Department of Health. Therefore, we do not require you to offer continuing social work students who started their courses before September 2012 the minimum bursary as we do for other continuing students. However, you may choose to offer them financial support.

In addition to the Department of Health bursary and any additional financial support you choose to offer them, social work undergraduate students are also entitled to the usual higher education state support package of grants and loans. The Student Loans Company does not take the Department of Health social work bursary into account when calculating any entitlement to the non-repayable Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant.

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