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Students domiciled outside England

Should I include EU students in access agreements and financial calculations?

You should include new system EU students in any financial predictions that you supply to us in respect of fee income. However, it is for you to decide whether you award bursaries and scholarships to EU students. Your calculations in respect of financial support spend will therefore include or exclude EU students according to your financial support rules.

Should we give financial support to students from Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland?

It is up to you to decide whether such students are eligible for any financial support your institution offers. However, we strongly recommend that cross-border students receive a fair level of support, in line with England-domiciled students.

Where the state support provided for students studying in England from other UK domiciles is higher than support for England domiciled students, we feel that it is reasonable for institutions to take this into account and apply separate financial support criteria for such students for means-tested awards. Depending on the level of state support, this could result in students from other UK domiciles being entitled to less, or even no, financial support from their university.

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