Case study: Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University access agreement 2018-19

The University:

Student quotes

“I have really enjoyed myself being in a University and I hope I go again because I have improved my confidence and it’s been great working with ambassadors.”

“It’s been more helpful than I would have first imagined to have a point of contact. I usually distance myself from these sorts of things because I find them patronizing but our meetings were a lot of help so thank you. Even just knowing someone and not necessarily talking to them is helpful at times.” 

“Thank you so much to the care leaver’s department for not only supporting me throughout my course of study at Sheffield Hallam, but for making my graduation special. Without your financial support for my graduation, I may not have been able to attend. I would like to genuinely thank [named contact] for taking the time out to speak to me on days when I needed to speak to someone the most, her advice really pulled me through my darkest times in my course of study. I will always be a part of the care leaver family so whenever you need someone to represent the department, whether in London or Sheffield, I will be more than happy to help.” 

“…it’s really reassuring to know that Sheffield Hallam offers so much support so that students like me can focus on what’s important. I know that financial support is available to help me succeed despite my unique circumstances.  The support Hallam has given has been vital in helping me to sort out early move dates, longer accommodation contracts and accessing bursaries. The financial help I have received has also helped me to fund certification to aid my employability, pay for deposits when moving accommodation, travel to interviews for employment and cover costs of books for my course, which I would not have been able to afford otherwise. Right from the open day I was given all the information I needed to find out and apply for the Care Leavers Bursary and where to turn to if I needed any help or support.”

“The support services here aren’t the same as elsewhere. People are there when you need them but don’t intrude when you don’t. When problems came up which were affecting my studies, my course leader was great and put me in touch with student support. Without that support I would have dropped out.”

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