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Introducing access agreements

What is an access agreement?

Access agreements set out how institutions will sustain or improve access and student success, which includes retention, attainment and employability. An access agreement must set out:

Who has to have an access agreement?

From 2012-13, you need to have an OFFA-approved access agreement if you:

You will need an access agreement if you propose to charge any fees above these levels, even if only for one student on one course.

How long do access agreements last?

Pre 2012-13 access agreements can cover a period of up to five years. Access agreements for 2012-13 and subsequent years are subject to annual review.

I need to develop an access agreement – how do I start?

Our website offers full guidance on the process and our expectations. Start by clicking here.

You can also call our team of policy advisers for one-to-one discussion and advice. Contact details