Consultation on the OFFA Strategic plan 2015-2020

This consultation has now closed. We have considered the responses we received, and have now published our 2015-2020 strategic plan

About the consultation

This consultation sought stakeholders’ views on our draft OFFA strategic plan 2015-2020 and how OFFA can better support universities and colleges in achieving the objectives set out in it. 

The draft strategic plan sets out at a high level what OFFA will do, and what we expect universities and colleges to do, to increase the pace of progress in fair access to higher education for disadvantaged students. It was developed with regard to existing evidence and good practice, and is informed by guidance from Ministers, the national strategy for access and student success, and consultation with our Advisory Group and some of our key stakeholders.

This consultation sought views from the universities and colleges that we regulate, and others with an interest in widening participation and fair access to higher education, including those who had been involved in the earlier consultation if they wished to make further comments. We asked for feedback on our focus and priorities, and more general comment about our overall approach.

Further information

We have read, recorded and analysed the views of every response, and have published a document summarising the outcomes of the consultation

You can also see the OFFA strategic plan 2015-2020 impact assessment (15 Jan 2015).

How the consultation fits into our Freedom of Information duty 

If you would like more information about the OFFA strategic plan or the consultation process, please contact us.