Consultations and calls for evidence

Open consultations and calls for evidence

We are currently developing a research agenda around BME participation and success in higher education, in response to the most recent ministerial letter of guidance. We put out a call for evidence asking for research, evaluation and other evidence about the impact of BME-focused widening participation activities relating to access, student experience, retention and completion or outcomes beyond the first degree. We are now collating submissions.

Archive of previous consultations and calls for evidence

Information transparency and OFFA’s approach to minor access agreement breaches (January 2015)

Consultation on the OFFA Strategic plan 2015-2020 (December 2014)

Call for evidence: impact of financial support (November 2014)

Consultations and the Freedom of Information Act

Information provided in response to an OFFA consultation may be made public, under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act or of an appropriate licence, or through another arrangement. Such information includes text, data and datasets. The Freedom of Information Act gives a public right of access to any information held by a public authority defined within the Act, in this case OFFA. It applies to information provided by individuals and organisations, for example universities and colleges. OFFA can refuse to make such information available only in exceptional circumstances. This means that data and information are unlikely to be treated as confidential except in very particular circumstances. Further information about the Act is available at