Monitoring outcomes

As a regulator, OFFA has a responsibility to ensure that universities and colleges are meeting their commitments to individual students and are making progress towards the milestones and targets set out in their access agreements. We do this by monitoring access agreements on an annual basis (more information about this).

Monitoring of 2015-16 access agreements

Our most recent monitoring data is in our 2015-16 monitoring outcomes report. This report includes the progress made by universities and colleges against the targets they set for themselves and their levels of investment, plus our commentary on those outcomes. We have also published each institution’s own assessment of its progress against the individual 2015-16 milestones and targets it set itself in its 2016-17 access agreement, together with its explanatory commentary and its performance against HESA performance indicators, where applicable.

All information for 2015-16 has been collated into a user-friendly tool available for download here.

See institutions’ self-assessments and commentaries and our guide to interpreting the self-assessments and commentaries.

In their 2015-16 monitoring returns, we asked institutions to report on their evaluation of activity and financial support, equality and diversity activities, and work to raise attainment in schools. These areas will be addressed in further qualitative data and analysis to be published later in summer 2017. This data and analysis is intended to increase the sector’s understanding of the work currently being carried out in these areas, support institutions in their development of future evaluation activity, and provide insights into how institutions have made a difference. For further information on OFFA’s work in this area, please see the evidence and good practice section of our website.

Previous years’ monitoring outcomes

Our archive of monitoring outcome reports for previous years can be found with our wider suite of analysis, data and progress reports.